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What to do if the paint on the explosion-proof electric hoist falls off

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If the paint on the explosion-proof electric hoist falls off, the following measures can be taken:

Check the cause of paint peeling: Firstly, it is necessary to identify the cause of paint peeling. It may be due to collision and friction between the electric hoist and everyday objects, corrosion caused by harsh outdoor environments (such as exposure to sunlight and humidity), or quality issues with the electric hoist itself, such as improper substrate treatment or poor paint quality.

Cleaning treatment: Before repainting, the detached paint parts need to be thoroughly cleaned to remove surface dirt, rust, and old paint layers. Suitable cleaning agents and tools can be used for cleaning to ensure a clean and dry surface.

Rust prevention treatment: If there is rust on the detached paint, rust prevention treatment is required. Anti rust agents or anti rust paint can be used for application to prevent further diffusion of rust.

Repainting: After cleaning and rust prevention treatment, repainting can be carried out. Choose the appropriate type and color of paint to ensure it matches the original paint. When painting, it is necessary to ensure that the coating is uniform, free of bubbles and holidays.

Protective measures: In order to prevent paint from falling off again, some protective measures need to be taken. For example, installing rain covers or facilities on electric hoists to reduce the erosion of rainwater on electric hoists; When using outdoors, try to avoid collisions and friction with hard objects as much as possible; Regularly inspect the surface condition of the electric hoist and promptly address any issues found.

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