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Why is there a brake on the explosion-proof electric hoist

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The main reasons for installing brake devices on explosion-proof electric hoists are as follows:

Safety protection: The main function of the brake device is to ensure that the electric hoist can quickly and effectively stop moving when stopping or securing goods. This can prevent the goods from losing control due to unexpected situations during lifting or movement, thus protecting the safety of personnel and equipment.

Accurate control: The braking device can ensure that the electric hoist can accurately stop in the designated position when needed, which is particularly important for work scenarios that require precise control of the position of goods.

Improving efficiency: During the operation of the electric hoist, the brake device can quickly position the goods to the designated position, reducing the time and labor costs wasted due to repeated position adjustments.

Emergency response: In the event of an emergency situation (such as sudden power interruption, equipment failure, etc.), the braking device can quickly stop the electric hoist to prevent goods from falling or losing control, further protecting the safety of personnel and equipment.

For explosion-proof electric hoists, the safety and reliability of the braking device are particularly important because they are usually used in flammable and explosive environments. When selecting and using explosion-proof electric hoists, the performance and reliability of the braking system are one of the key factors to consider.

In addition, there are various types of brake systems for electric hoists, such as electromagnetic brakes, electromagnetic disc brakes, hydraulic brakes, and mechanical brakes. The principle and working principle of these brake systems are achieved by controlling the friction between the brake pads and brake discs to achieve braking effect. Different brake systems have their own advantages and disadvantages in practical applications, and users need to consider the actual situation when choosing.

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