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What are the requirements for working conditions and operation of European cranes

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    The working conditions and operation of European cranes have certain requirements, mainly including the following aspects:

    1. Working conditions: European cranes are generally required to work indoors, with an ambient temperature range of -20 to 40 degrees Celsius. If the average temperature exceeds 35 degrees Celsius within 24 hours, the relative humidity can reach 100%. For European single-girder cranes with different working levels, such as A3 and A4 levels, there are specific requirements for the working environment temperature, use frequency, lifting capacity, lifting speed, and lifting height.

    2. Operation requirements: Before using newly installed, repaired, or modified European cranes, it is necessary to conduct a load test according to the relevant provisions of the crane performance test. Before each shift, the crane must undergo a no-load test of lifting, rotation, luffing, forward and reverse movement, as well as a safety performance test of the brake and limit device. If there are any faults, they should be eliminated before formal use. When lifting heavy objects, the hook and wire rope should be kept vertical, and it is prohibited to drag the lifted objects with the wire rope in a tilted state. When the hook is hung but the lifted object has not been lifted, it is forbidden to move or rotate the crane. It is also prohibited to lift items buried or condensed underground or items with unknown weight. The speed of lifting and rotation should be uniform and stable to prevent the heavy objects from swinging in the air and causing danger. When lowering heavy objects, the speed should not be too fast to prevent the objects from suddenly falling and being damaged. When lifting long or large objects, there should be special personnel to pull the tag line.

    3. Personnel requirements: Cranes with driving cabs must be operated by designated drivers. Non-drivers are strictly prohibited from operating the crane. Crane operators must hold a special work operation certificate to operate the specified model independently.

    4. Safety requirements: Cranes should be prohibited from use if they have any of the following conditions: wire ropes reaching the scrap standard, hooks, pulleys, and drums reaching the scrap standard, brakes unable to stop the rated load, limit switches malfunctioning, main force-bearing parts having cracks or open welds, main beam elastic deformation or permanent deformation exceeding the repair limit, wheel cracks, chipping, serious rail gnawing or "three-legged" conditions, electrical grounding protection losing effect or insulation failing to meet the specified value, and motor temperature rise exceeding the specified value.

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