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How to improve stability of wire rope electric hoists and what are the methods

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To improve the stability of wire rope electric hoists, the following aspects can be taken into consideration:

Control speed: Choose an appropriate operating speed to avoid shaking caused by excessive speed. When fine handling or heavy object handling is required, it is possible to consider using a variable frequency electric hoist to improve stability by adjusting the speed.

Choose suitable ropes and chains: Do not use too thin ropes and chains. If you can double rope, double rope, and if you can double chain, double chain. The more rows of rope and chain, the more stable it becomes, but the speed will also correspondingly slow down. In addition, ensure the quality of the selected ropes and chains and avoid using low-quality or damaged ropes and chains.

Reasonable loading: The suspended object should be a lifeless solid as much as possible, and should not exceed the rated load capacity of the electric hoist. When lifting liquid objects, do not overfill and ensure that the hanging is securely tied. Avoid overloading and unbalanced loading to reduce shaking and instability.

Follow the instructions for use: Do not use electric hoists with non double hooks or asynchronous group cranes for group cranes. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's advice, follow the instructions and operating procedures.

In terms of steel wire ropes, the following methods can improve the stability of electric hoists:

Lubrication of steel wire rope: Steel wire rope should be properly repaired during manufacturing and must be filled with lubricant. Choose the lubricant for the rope strand and the entire rope based on the purpose of the electric hoist wire rope, such as compounds based on mineral grease or asphalt. During work, lubricate the steel wire rope appropriately to reduce the friction coefficient with the turntable, thereby reducing shaking and instability.

Inspection and maintenance: Regularly inspect the wear, breakage, and deformation of steel wire ropes, and replace damaged steel wire ropes in a timely manner. At the same time, check the rope pulley, rocker arm and other components of the electric hoist to ensure their normal use and avoid wire rope instability caused by improper use.

Fixation of steel wire rope: Ensure that the steel wire rope is firmly and reliably fixed on the electric hoist to avoid loosening or falling off during use.

In summary, improving the stability of electric wire rope hoists requires multiple aspects, including controlling speed, selecting appropriate ropes and chains, reasonable loading, following usage instructions, and lubrication, inspection, and maintenance of wire ropes. These measures can reduce shaking and instability, improve the efficiency and safety of electric hoists.

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