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Why does the electric hoist reducer generate heat

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The reasons for the heat generated by the electric hoist reducer can be attributed to multiple aspects, mainly including the following:

1、 Overload operation

Overload lifting: When the electric hoist is overloaded to lift heavy objects, the motor needs to generate greater torque to overcome gravity, which will cause more heat to be generated inside the motor and reducer. Long term overload operation can cause the motor and reducer to overheat, and even damage the equipment.

2、 Wear of mechanical components

Bearing damage: If the bearings inside the reducer are damaged, it will increase friction resistance and cause the reducer to heat up. Bearing damage can also increase the pressure on the reducer, further exacerbating the heating phenomenon.

Gear wear: Gear wear also increases friction, causing the reducer to generate more heat during operation. Especially when the gear clearance is too small, the heat generation will be greater.

3、 Lubrication issues

Excessive or insufficient lubricating oil: The amount of lubricating oil in the reducer needs to be moderate. If there is too much lubricating oil, it can cause the oil to form an oil film between the gears, increasing frictional resistance and generating more heat. If there is too little lubricating oil, it will not be able to effectively lubricate the gears and bearings, which will also increase friction and heat.

Lubricating oil pollution: If impurities or water are mixed into lubricating oil, it will reduce its lubrication performance, increase friction and heat.

4、 Environmental issues

Dirty housing: If there is too much oil or dust on the reducer housing, it will affect its heat dissipation performance, resulting in the inability to dissipate heat in time and causing the reducer to overheat.

High ambient temperature: Using an electric hoist in a high-temperature environment can make the working environment of the reducer more harsh, increasing the possibility of its heating.

5、 Improper operation

Long term continuous operation: When the electric hoist works continuously for a long time, both the reducer and the motor will continue to generate heat. If there is no appropriate rest time, it can lead to overheating.

Brake clearance too small: A brake clearance too small will increase the frictional resistance during braking, causing the motor and reducer to generate more heat.


Avoid overloading: Strictly follow the rated load of the electric hoist for lifting operations to avoid overloading operation.

Regular inspection and maintenance: Regularly inspect the wear of mechanical components such as bearings and gears of the reducer, and replace damaged parts in a timely manner. At the same time, check the quantity and quality of lubricating oil to ensure the normal operation of the lubrication system.

Keep clean: Regularly clean the oil and dust on the reducer housing to maintain good heat dissipation performance.

Reasonably arrange work hours: Avoid prolonged continuous operation of electric hoists, and arrange appropriate rest time to reduce temperature.

Adjust the brake clearance: Ensure that the brake clearance is moderate and avoid increasing friction resistance due to being too small.

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